Obvious Engineering is a research & development-driven
computer vision software company with a focus on consumer products.


Our 3D photography app  Seene  supports Google Cardboard for viewing in Virtual Reality. Seene’s 3D photo format adds depth, interaction and responsiveness to the existing social behaviour of mobile photo sharing. It was named as one of the best apps of the year by TechCrunch and has been downloaded more than 2.25 million times since its launch in October 2013.


We have developed a portfolio of technologies for use on low-powered mobile devices in real-time applications. We enable these devices to locate themselves in space, map visual environments, and recreate in 3D what is seen through the camera, turning a standard smartphone into a 3D scanner without the use of additional hardware or off-device processing. Obvious Engineering’s technology was recognised by UKTI as the most innovative at Mobile World Congress 2014.

Our tech stack includes a pipeline for high-resolution 3D face scanning on standard mobile devices. All processing is performed on the device without specialized hardware, so anyone can scan their face and see the result in seconds. The raw scan data is then fitted to a canonical base mesh and uploaded to our cloud platform, ready to be applied into virtual experiences and products.


Please contact us at info@obviousengine.com